Starting Is The Hardest Part: Introducing Jay Anderson

GamingStarting is the hardest part. It’s so funny how you can see where you want to be, maybe even know what steps to take to get there. But doesn’t it always seem so difficult to figure out how to get it started? When my cousin asked me to start writing for his new site,, I was at once, honored and terrified. I mean, I’ve not written for a publication (professionally or otherwise), in 2 years. I am currently swamped with school, work, and my ever increasingly busy personal life. This request wasn’t coming from someone in the media that I’d met during my brief stint in professional games writing, this was coming from Jovan Miles–a man that I not only love, but also respect and look up to. If I was going to accept this offer, I had to be ready to do it. There could be no excuses about how life was getting in the way of my writing, I had to be ready to commit.

I was all ready to decline, until I really realized what Jovan was giving me an opportunity to do… Talk about one of my favorite things in life, to a broad audience again! …and it helped that he only needed me to write once a week, because seriously people, life’s busyness is owning me right now. So, here I am, your new, resident games editor. I will do my best to keep you up to date on what is out, what’s coming out, what’s worth taking a look at, as well as my views on the industry; what’s wrong with it, and what’s right about it. Feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or even if you have a topic you think is interesting and would like me to talk about it.

Whew! See? That wasn’t so bad. Now on to the fun part.

Jay Anderson will be a weekly contributor to Blerd Media focusing on all things gaming. You can follow him on Twitter @JR0ckz

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