Season 4 Game of Thrones: Expect the Unexpected

The time has come. The fourth season of the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones has finally come. Season three ended leaving many fans of George R.R. Martin’s epic series with feelings of despair, confusion and musings of revenge. The images from the “Red Wedding” undoubtedly are still etched in people’s psyche. No question, there are many questions that are still unanswered. Will season four answer them? Here are some events that need to happen to help season four’s success.

Down with the Lannisters

It seems as if no harm can ever come to this family. Through the first three seasons, the Lannisters have done nothing but enact their sinister plans upon all that come in their presence. Back door dealings, murder and mayhem seem to follow them wherever they go. Will this ever end?

For most, seeing the death of Jofferey would be a welcomed treat. His mistreatment of Sansa Stark, his total disrespect of his Uncle Tyrion and his malicious and sadistic fantasies has proven that this young king needs help. No, seriously, he needs some help! If this was to happen, the sting of the “Red Wedding” might go away a little.

There is no love lost for Tywin, Cersei and Jaime either. But these three Lannisters are mere child’s play to Jofferey. The series must make some type of move to show this family is vulnerable. This would provide evidence that no one is safe in this game.

The Hit List

It was brutal watching Arya witness the decapitation of her father. It was additionally vicious watching her get so close to reuniting with her mother and brother. Then in one instant be denied due to their murder and she was just yards away. It’s normal to want to seek some kind of retaliation for all the wrongs that have been done. Any fan of Arya would agree it’s time she was able to execute.

Methodically, Arya Stark names the people she wants to kill. Among them are Jofferey, Cersei, Tywin, the Hound, Illyn Payne, the Mountain and The Red Woman. As more people cross her path and cause suffering to her or the people she cares for, the list grows longer. In season four, we hope that Arya can get some kind of revenge on someone! It’s her time, and she deserves the kill!

If I only had a Heart

At the end of season three, Jaime Lannister started to change his selfish ways. After Caitlyn Stark released him in exchange for her daughters, losing his hand and realizing that he has become vulnerable Jaime begins making decisions that don’t just affect him. He is thinking about others. Instead of being a jerk who pushed Bran off the castle ledge to protect his secret, he is beginning to become a person who cares for others. It’s very nice to see this change and I’m hoping this change is not temporal.

Since his capture by the Starks, his only reason to get back to King’s Landing was to return to Cersei. I am convinced that there is a new love in his life. Her name is Brienne. The old Jaime would never have gone back to save Brienne once he was freed. He would have let her rot because he was only concerned with himself. Risking his life to save hers was a brave move. He could have made it out of obligation or honor, but something tells me there are feelings blossoming. Will we see the start of a romance in season four between these two? It would be an interesting plot twist.

The Road to Westeros

Khaleesi has been traveling to seven kingdoms for the past three seasons. I don’t know about you, but I am ready for her to get there! In each season, she becomes more confident, he tribe grows and more danger lurks in the shadows. Will she ever be able to take back the kingdom?

We know there is a traitor amongst her ranks. That’s how the kingdom knew about her pregnancy and her dragons. What more is this traitor willing to do? Will she finally discover who it is?

This season is sure to be an exciting one. And we can’t forget about the nightwalkers that still lurk beyond the wall. We can even wonder if the wall will continue to last with the wildlings quickly approaching. Without a doubt, this season has the potential to be action packed and full of more unexpected surprises. With all of the unanswered questions, there is one thing that is sure; winter is coming!

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