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I earn most of my living as a public school educator and one of the challenges that face every public school teacher is trying to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time. Grading papers by hand can eat up several hours if your school doesn’t own a test scanner.

I recently connected with a fellow tech-savvy educator on Twitter named Walter Duncan. Walter is a Detroit based educator, and as I would discover later, something of an inventor. He is the brains behind an application called Quick Key. Quick Key is my new favorite app for teachers because it solves a significant problem that EVERY teacher encounters. It does so quickly, easily, and for free. Please continue reading for more detailed information about the app.

 QuickLogoQuick Key Mobile – the iOS app designed by educators, for educators – is making headlines once again with the release of their new software and website updates, upholding their promise to teachers to keep them at the center of the design process.

The new app update features a simple and easy to use tutorial to aid educators in grading papers quickly and efficiently. The tutorial includes the basics, informing users on how to easily organize their data into three main categories: Students, Classes, & Quizzes. And gives users the convenience of printing out a Quick Ticket via Email or AirPrint. As well as a walkthrough to teach users how to successfully scan assessments.

Quick_Key“I didn’t have time to learn a bunch of new-fangled, magic-bullet technology that promised to solve all my problems. I just needed something simple, elegant and functional” said Walter Duncan, Co-Founder, DBE.

The mobile app has also redesigned their website’s homepage, letting teachers set up their account and gain access to the Quick Key Mobile web portal. This in turn will allow for educators to upload hundreds of students’ information in a matter of minutes. And swiftly export their results data to drive their classroom instruction.  

About Design by Educators, INC.
DBE was incubated at the Butler Venture Accelerator at Babson College, where one of the company’s co-founders earned his MBA cum laude in Entrepreneurship in 2008. In October 2012, the development of the Quick Key Mobile prototype began. Since then, the company has raised over $200,000 from private investors to aid in the development of the app.

You can follow get the latest updates on the Quick Key app by following Quick Key on twitter or by visiting the Quick Key website at

You can also download the app from the Apple app store here.

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