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X Box One Titanfall Review

I, just like everyone else who owns an Xbox One, couldn’t wait for Titanfall to release. It wasn’t my most anticipated game like it was for most, mind you, but I was still excited. So much so that I forewent getting a $10 gift certificate from Best

Gaming With The Family

So, about that busyness… I have a full-time job and I’m taking 4 classes this semester at CSU; you know, the normal full-fledged schedule. And those things take up a lot of my time. But what really hammers the nail in the coffin of the entity known

iPhone Filmmaking

My last post about New Media was inspired by my love of podcasting, webcomics, blogging, and my own recent fascination with guerilla style movie making using unconventional cameras, most notably, smartphones. Over on my personal instagram page I’ve been shooting and editing 15 second movies entirely on

iOS7 Review

Like a breath of fresh air, Apple’s new iOS 7 delivers many much needed tweaks to its dated ecosystem. The first thing you’ll notice about iOS 7 is new flat pastel look. It can appear a bit feminine at first, but after changing my wallpaper; I was

Amazon Smartphone

With Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia the company has positioned itself to be another tech giant with full vertical integration of its hardware and software divisions. Not wanting to be left out of the lucrative mobile market, is entering the fray with a smartphone of its