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The Art of The Mixtape

The Art and Philosophy of The Mixtape by Jovan Miles. I came of age during a period on the space-time continuum when human beings perfected one of the most significant uses of another’s art to create their own; New York City in the 1980′s. The mixtape was

Kanye West is The Best

I wrote this for the now defunct Street Therapy website back in 2010. This was around the time Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, arguably his best album to date. I was, and still am, a huge Kanye fan for many of the reasons I outlined

Beyonce and the Blerd Gift List

On this episode we briefly discuss Beyonce dropping at midnight and we share our recommendations for Christmas gifts for the Blerd Guy, Girl, and Baby Blerds in your life. For a free audiobook download and a free 30 day trial please visit Check out our Pinterest

The Black Santa Mixtape

Download or stream Blerd Media’s first annual holiday mixtape, Black Santa. This mix features funk, jazz, soul, hip hop, and r&b Christmas classics. Podcast subscribers will have the mix delivered directly to their mobile devices or computers. The Mixtape is a single mp3 file because mixtapes were

Top 4 Reasons to see Janelle Monae LIVE in Concert

Listening to your favorite artists through iPhone earbuds is a poor substitute for being bathed in walls of sound, surrounded by thousands of other fans, all of you feeding off of the sonic energy being circulated throughout the performance hall. Even the smells of cheap, overpriced beer,

Complicated Dap: The Anti-Hero Episode

In this episode we talk about the crack smoking mayor of T.Dot, Renisha McBride, and Richard Chen during Black Twitter News. Our main segment is about our favorite pop culture anti-heroes, and we close the show with a pop culture quiz. Music is provided by Majestik Originality.

Complicated Dap: The Zombie Episode

Jo still has the Zombie Flu and is solo for this recording. He talks about The Walking Dead, Joe McKinney’s Dead World series of Zombie novels, and Colson Whitehead’s Zone One. Tell a friend to tell a friend.

Complicated Dap: The Blaxploitation Episode

On this week’s show we talk about the Days of Future Past Trailer, White people dressing up in Blackface, old and new Blaxploitation movies, and awesome British TV. Jovan has the zombie flu, John Jones is packing the 40 cal, and Mr. Flight Plan is just trying