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Top 8 Blerds in Media

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been spread the Blerd gospel to my offline friends, family, and colleagues. They get it, but sometimes they don’t. They often ask me, “so what exactly is a Blerd?” My definition of a Blerd is that he or she is

Why I’ve Commit Social Media Suicide

I’ve been down with social media in one form or another since the Yahoo Chat days way back in 1999. I loved what the ‘net could do for building community. The exchange of ideas was no longer limited by time or space. Anyone could share anything with

8 Best Web Comics of 2013

I was introduced to comic books by my stepfather in the late 1980′s. I lived in the Bronx at the time and he lived in Queens. My mom and I would take the train from the slums of the Bronx to a comparatively suburban section of  New

The Truth About New Media

New Media (blogging, podcasting, web shows, web movies, web comics) is confusing to people, including the poor fools who’ve chosen to make a go at it in this field. Unlike in traditional media (radio, television, movies, etc.) content isn’t organized by publisher, label, or network.  It’s organized

My 1st Love Letter to TV Michonne

Dear TV Michonne. My name is Jovan but I’d like you to call me Jo. I’ve been watching you for a very long time and I just couldn’t keep the feelings I have for you to myself anymore. I’ve been intrigued by you since the first moment

Book Review: Ready Player One

Endless 1980′s pop culture references,immersive internet virtual reality, a dystopian future where your digital self is more REAL than your flesh and blood self, and audiobook narration by Wil Wheaton are only a few of an unquantifiable number of reasons Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is a

5 Kinds of Blerds

The Black Nerd, Blerd, or Bleek for all you contrarians is a catch all term that describes a person of African descent who has an almost obsessive passion for one or more aspects of popular culture, science, technology, or any combination of the aforementioned topics. Rather than

The Top 5 Actors Who Could Play The Black Panther

The Unified Marvel Universe movies are an adolescent me’s dream come true. Watching The Hulk, Thor, Cap, and Iron Man get busy while they save New York from Loki and some weird horde of space aliens that should most definitely have been the Skrulls was amazing. However, I’m

Octavia Butler’s Fledgling

Earlier this Spring, Spelman College celebrated the life and work of Octavia Butler by hosting a symposium featuring women writers of color who specialized in science fiction. At the time, I was on a heavy science fiction binge and I wanted to read more books by women

Patient Zero

The world loves Zombies. The CDC posted a faux Zombie Apocalypse preparedness guide to encourage citizens to arm themselves against natural or man-made disasters. Max Brooks novel,’ World War Z, spawned a Hollywood feature film and an appearance on the Discovery Channel show, Sons of Guns. Colson Whitehead’s

Junot Díaz is a Blerd

When I finally (late pass) discovered the writing of Junot Díaz I was overwhelmed with happiness because he, like so many of us, occupies many different personal and professional spaces which require the use of many different tongues. His writing captures his version of that experience beautifully