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Season 4 Game of Thrones: Expect the Unexpected

The time has come. The fourth season of the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones has finally come. Season three ended leaving many fans of George R.R. Martin’s epic series with feelings of despair, confusion and musings of revenge. The images from the “Red Wedding” undoubtedly are

Classic Heroes and Villains with a Twist: Once Upon a Time

Classic heroes, heroines and villains derived from cartoons and comics tend to follow the familiar trope; the evil villain makes it their sole purpose in life to destroy all of the hero or heroine’s happiness. It’s seen repeatedly in television and movies with little variance in storyline.

The Walking Dead: He’s BACK!!!!!

Oh yes! The Govna is back. Aren’t you excited? Well if you aren’t I definitely am. For weeks, we have wondered where he has been and what he’s been doing. Episode 5 “Internment” gave us an indication of his whereabouts: he is lying in wait, ready to

Time to get on board with Sleepy Hollow

Okay, I really need to understand why there are some people who are still not watching Fox’s Sleepy Hollow! You have to be kidding me. This is an awesome show, and I’m going to give some insight as to why this is the show Sci Fi fans